Sheltering beneath the rock, pebbles cluster, damp, becoming submerged as the ocean swells. A rock pool, a window on life. Seaweed, lifts in the rising tide Kelsey's lane. An abandoned home. Crossing the Atlantic, they arrived midst the great depression.

Deep and unyielding, rock yields to the ocean's timeless power.

Wet sand, warm sun, vibrant green tendrils of life. Glass-like, sheltered, yet connected to the great ocean beyond. Water, trapped, moody and restless between rock and sea wall.
Sun breaking though a shower, creates jewel-like stones on the beach
Waves burst over rocks a million blue mussels have taken as their home. Red rocky outcrops pushing out into the Atlantic A dark, heaving mass of ocean swells against a rocky edifice. A rock pool, glistens with stones like scattered jewels, around, like fallen giants, great mounds of sea-worn rock.
Atlantic ocean breaking into a wall of foam.

All sizes aproximate. Copyright 2006CMcI See

Atlantic waves rush upon the rocks amidst a ferenzy of foam.